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Walch’s CCSS High School Math programs are purpose-built to be 100% aligned with the Common Core State Standards and utilize the 8 CCSS Mathematical Practices. They reflect California additions to the standards and prepare students for the concepts and skills, Depth of Knowledge, and item types of Smarter Balanced Assessments.

The program’s design was dictated by Appendix A and the principles of focus, coherence, and rigor. They are developed with input from math educators, and are informed by best practice research.


Preparing for Smarter Balanced CCSS Assessments

Walch recently launched online unit assessments for their High School Math courses with Smarter Balanced type questions to provide students the practice they need for the upcoming Common Core Assessments.
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These assesments are delivered through WalchConnect, a cloud based tool to deliver assessments, Walch resources and a variety of activities to complement, extend and enhance Walch's Math High School resources.

Sacramento City USD Adopts Walch Integrated Pathway

The Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) School Board approved the recommendation of Walch Integrated Math抯 CCSS Integrated Pathway: Mathematics I program materials. These materials provide SCUSD抯 educators with the resources they need to implement standards-based learning in their classrooms and to prepare their students for upcoming state assessments.
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Walch Education is helping teachers and school districts.

“We were impressed by Walch's alignment with our standards, the program's flexible, comprehensive design, and the fact that it provides support for teachers, students, and parents. The company's ability to support our unique needs and incorporate our feedback has been impressive.”

Derek Elison, TSA for Math 7-12
Alpine School District, UT

“Walch has created the only textbook that truly follows the standards. I have looked at every book available to me and they all simply rearranged the old text to match up, but did not add or remove anything to ensure that all standards are met.”

Heather Lloyd, Math Teacher
Hart County, GA

“Walch's student workbooks are a great addition to their Teacher Resources. The workbooks provide one place for the students to take all of their notes and work out practice problems while also saving the teachers time on making copies.”

Michelle Mikes, Math Supervisor 6-12
Cobb County, GA

“We chose Walch Education because of their unique ability to tailor their resources to our local needs. Our standards and resources have been modified for our own instructional sequences and approach, and with Walch we are able to build on our vision and prior work, and maintain continuity.”

Allison Duncan, Canyons' Secondary Math Team Lead
Sandy, UT

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